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Where did all my old pensions go? How to find lost and forgotten pension pots

You’ve been meticulously managing your financial plans for years. These plans can become complex, often getting overlooked or forgotten as you navigate through various career transitions and life phases. You’re then faced with a question – have I lost track of any pensions along the way? The task of tracking down these pensions can seem […]

Should you cash out your pension early? Key questions to ask yourself first

You’ve been diligently paying into your pension for years. Now you’re approaching the minimum pension age of 55 and wondering – should I cash in my pension early? It’s a big decision. On one hand, having a large lump sum of cash can help with any immediate financial needs. But on the other, prematurely dipping […]

Getting the most from your pension: tax tips to boost your retirement income

Navigating the intricate world of pensions and tax can be akin to embarking on a treasure hunt. With the right map and some savvy strategies, you can uncover ways to significantly boost your retirement fund. Let’s delve into the realm of pension taxation to simplify this complex topic and turn it into a golden opportunity […]

Bridging the pension gender gap: telling the story of a serious issue

Welcome to the world of pension parity – where equality is not yet a reality Imagine this: two individuals, let’s call them Pat and Chris, work the same job, for the same number of years, under the same gruelling boss. Yet, when the golden years of retirement roll around, Pat’s pension pot is brimming, ready […]

A beginner’s guide to UK pensions: understanding your options

Looking ahead and keeping safe For many younger individuals, retirement is a distant thought. For these reasons, more immediate financial issues tend to take precedence, and it is easy to delay saving for post-work years. But the fact is, the earlier you start saving for your retirement, the more comfortable you are likely to be. […]

Empowering women in pension planning: a comprehensive guide to overcome pension challenges

We often hear about female progress, the remarkable careers and achievements by women in diverse fields, the success of female entrepreneurs, the beauty of motherhood. Yet, when it comes to retirement, many women still find themselves facing a harsh reality. Women have much lower retirement incomes than men. The average UK pension pot for a […]

Understanding annuities: a comprehensive guide to retirement income

Although annuity is one of those terms that has become part of everyday speech, it still holds an element of mystery. Essentially, an annuity is one way you can use your defined contribution pension pot to set up an income. Thanks to pension freedoms, there are so many ways in which you can make your […]

Inflation, pensions, and gilts

Inflation, pensions, and gilts

Inflation is having a large impact on the UK. It’s clear there is not only a need for budgeting for the here and now, but also a necessity to keep a keen eye on longer term savings, investments, and pensions. Fortunately, statistics show short-term issues like inflation are likely to get better in the long […]

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Pros and cons of consolidating your pensions

Consolidating your pensions into one can boost growth. Get regulated financial advice to ensure you're getting the most out of your pension funds.

Hidden pension fees

Hidden pension fees: An introduction

Navigating the world of pensions without a professional guide can be daunting. When trying to determine the right scheme for your retirement needs, it is important to know all of your options. While exploring these options you need to keep potential hidden fees in mind. Costs deducted throughout the life of your investment can play […]

Salary sacrifice and pensions

Can salary sacrifice boost retirement savings?

If you are looking for ways to boost your retirement savings, you may have heard of salary sacrifice. In this article, we are going to explore the pros and cons of salary sacrifice and what benefits you can really expect to see. First, we will explain the concept of salary sacrifice and how it can […]

Sustaining your pension during illness

Sustaining your pension during illness: a survival guide

If you are away from work for any reason, keeping payments going for everyday living can be a nightmare. Having to cope with an illness can make matters even more traumatic and complicated. Naturally, your priority will be dealing with paying for the here and now, and focusing on your health. However, it is still […]

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