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Gender pensions and maximising your fund

Gender, pensions and maximising your fund

Gender pay inequality still exists in the UK, and this could affect your pension. Here are some simple ways to bridge that gap, giving your savings every opportunity to grow.

Could cryptocurrencies be a good retirement investment

Could cryptocurrencies be a good retirement investment?

Stories of stunning gains has thrust cryptocurrencies into the investment limelight. Yet are they a suitable investment for your retirement planning. Discover more. FCA regulated.

How to make opting-in to your employers pension fail-safe

How to make opting-in to your employer’s pension fail-safe

Discover why remaining opted-in to your workplace pension is a no brainer. And find out what you should do if and when you leave your job. FCA regulated.

Taking the stress out of saving for the future

Taking the stress out of saving for the future

Knowing what money you have coming in each week or month, and what money you have at your fingertips, is half the battle to financial peace of mind. Sometimes, when money is a cause for concern, it’s easier, and understandable, for people to avoid the issue: what I can’t see won’t hurt me. The result […]

Tips for saving

Great tips for saving, whatever your income

You don’t have to have a big income to save for the future. How much you can save for the years ahead is just as much about your mindset – the value you place on preparing financially – as to how cleverly you use the resources you have at hand. Retirement is likely to hit […]

Retirement Planning Is downsizing right for you

Retirement Planning: Is downsizing right for you?

Are you thinking of downsizing? After living in a society where going large is almost a status symbol, the idea of going small may seem a little odd – and may leave you feeling a little uncomfortable. But in middle age and on the approach to retirement, more and more people are finding it not […]

Taking pension money early finding the perfect home for your investment

Taking pension money early: finding the perfect home for your investment

Being able to withdraw savings from your pension at 55 can be a very welcome benefit. It can introduce a whole new resource into your available finances. But it should be handled with caution – your hard-earned savings were originally meant to support you in your retirement years, and they still should. “So, it is […]

Can I access my pension from abroad

Can I withdraw my pension from abroad?

Perhaps one of the most popular retirement dreams is living in that idyllic setting abroad. This could be the time when you can finally create that second family home in paradise or that favourite holiday spot where the sun always shines and the tide never goes out. But is it viable as far as funding […]

What will my retirement look like

What will my retirement look like?

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow some simple steps now to help you make the most of your savings in the future. FCA regulated.

Your pension the good the bad and the tax

Your pension: the good, the bad and the tax

Pensions come with lots of tax breaks and benefits that make them one of the most powerful savings tools most of us will ever have. FCA regulated.

How do my pension options change at 55

How do my pension options change at 55?

From tax-free cash to drawing a regular income. Discover your pension options from 55 and the risks associated with taking pension money early. FCA regulated.

The State Pension Is it enough to live on

The State Pension: Is it enough to live on?

You only have to look at current State Pension rates to see that it is unlikely to be able to compete with average salaries. So, if when you retire you rely on just the State Pension as a source of income, will you have enough to live on? Perhaps realistically the State Pension should be […]

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